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Build IoT Applications without Code

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Launch your branded IoT service in an hour

Fast-track your IoT deployment with Thingsty. Thingsty platform streamlines device setup, data visualization, and remote management through a unified interface. Simplify user management, set smart alerts, and automate with ease.
Thingsty empowers a broad range of industries to create custom, code-free apps with a full-stack IoT backend—available via a single subscription.

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How it works

Get, Set, Go!

Get Hardware
Begin by selecting and acquiring the necessary IoT hardware. Our platform supports a vast array of devices and sensors, ensuring compatibility and ease of integration for a diverse range of applications.
Set Up the Application
Easily configure your IoT application using our user-friendly setup process. Customize settings, define parameters, and prepare your IoT network to capture and analyze data effectively.
Go to Market
With your IoT solution fully configured, launch it into the market with confidence. Utilize our platform's robust features to monitor performance, gather user feedback, and make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.
As your business grows, our platform scales with you. Effortlessly add more devices, expand to new markets, and enhance your IoT applications, all while maintaining high performance and security standards.

Build vs. buy

Building your own IoT software requires significant investment and it's hard to get it right.

Many businesses initially piece together a basic system to kickstart their IoT operations, but often underestimate the complexity and costs that arise as their needs evolve. A self-developed IoT solution requires ongoing updates and maintenance to accommodate new device integrations, advanced data analytics, business model adaptations, global expansion, regulatory compliance, and various other challenges that emerge as the business scales.

Thingsty offers a comprehensive IoT platform solution that enables you to efficiently start your IoT journey today, while providing the flexibility and robust features needed to support your growth at scale. With Thingsty, you can focus on expanding your business and innovating in your field, knowing that your IoT infrastructure is scalable, secure, and adaptable to your evolving needs.

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